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Blind Hug Demonstration | Sisters All In One

Current Peace Project:

War Healing

Bringing medical attention, clothes, books, socks, shoes, money, education and love to Syrian and Palestinian refugees. 

Our team will be traveling to Greece and Lebanon to work with refugee camps and hospitals for a month. 

The intention is to bring as much relief as we can while bringing back what the Middle East’s refugee crisis LOOKs look through blog posts, vlogs, photographs and live broadcasting.


The Empath(y) Crisis

What is empathy? /ˈempəTHē/ Noun: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. And how far does that go? We could go as far as to think about…

It’s Been Awhile.. PSA.

It’s crazy how life flies. So much has happened these past few months that it doesn’t feel like the last time I posted was in March.. and It’s almost May.…

How to Support and Love Negative People

You’ll quickly learn one of the hardest parts of living a mindful life is having searched and found what it means to have peace; while watching the ones you love and care about most…

It’s Okay to Not FEEL Happy All the Time

There’s this unfathomable expectation that people should feel happy all the time and that if you aren’t happy all the time, you’re missing something. I’m here to tell you that’s…

It’s All About Love

It’s All About Love I meditated this morning after a silent purge by myself in the remaining moonlight in Sky. I meditated, cried and smiled thinking back on 2017. Reflecting…


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