2 Minute Read Meditation for Re-rooting in Gratitude

Hello my love, thank you for allowing your Spirit to read the words off this page, You are here for a reason. During troubling times it’s easy to get lost in chaos. The chaos of re-establishing peace in your personal life is one of the harder practices, and you are doing great. This meditation is geared toward appreciating yourself and finding gratitude.

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For the next two minutes focus only on the words before you. Keep your breath in your forefront as you read over each and every letter. You are alone with this article, alone with me, in a cocoon made and protected by mother Gaia. We are safe, loved and supported. There’s nothing in this world we can do that isn’t supported by Earth.

When we’re on land we breathe AIR. When we’re holding our breath we are immersed in WATER. When we sit in the sun we are warmed by FIRE. And every step we make is supported by gravity from EARTH. We are never alone. We are never without.

Allow the word gratitude become a mantra throughout this meditation and the rest of your day.

“I woke up this morning and took a deep breath of fresh air”


“I get to wake my body up with clean drinking water”


“The choices I make today will mold my future exactly how I want it to be.”


There are so many thoughtless acts that we are blessed with every day and they get forgotten about all too easy. The breath in your lungs, the thoughts in your mind, the spit on your tongue. All these things are part of your vessel that function on autopilot, with no conscious thought or effort.


Just like the birds, You are provided for with everything you need, the only difference is that the birds don’t stress about it. The troubles you are faced with are placed before you for a specific reason. Specific training preparing you for greater purpose. Take it on with honor, because you are going toe to toe with one of life’s many unexpected battles. And you’re strong.

Positivity, hardwork, Love and consistency.

Take a deep breathe and really think about those four words.

Positivity, hardwork, Love and consistency.

Find the one positive note in every single situation. It’s there, and it’s waiting. Never stop working on your end goal; trust the process and know that every move you make will come back to you X3.

Gratitude for the opportunities

Don’t forget to put Love in everything you do, it’s all about intention. As soon as your intention rings pure love you’re frequency will tune to all the great gifts in life. Consistency means routine. Put your best foot forward everyday to keep making progress. Consistency is everything.

Now take a moment as you take a deep breath in through your nose and travel into your mind-cave. Imagine what your little genie in a bottle room would look like, and take a seat.

Appreciate the feeling of wiggling your toes, and fingers. Bounce your knees a little bit and twist at your torso. Shrug your shoulders a few times and stretch your neck a little bit.

You are alive.

You are apart of the ecosystem that is Earth and her life.

You are here for. a. reason.

You may not see or feel that for yourself yet, and that’s okay. Because what you are going through is directly preparing you for that transformation. Be patient. Breathe.

Trust the process.

Remember to always breathe.

You are loved.




  1. Those were some of the most beautiful words I have ever read; and I read a lot of inspirational/motivational works btw ☺
    I recently stumbled across your site while doing research on “earth-based spirituality”. What I have seen so far is truly inspiring. Please continue shining and spreading your lovely light. ~ Namaste
    You definitely have a new follower to your website.


    1. Yay! I’m so thankful that my words resonated with you. I’m also happy to know that people like these read meditations! LOL. Your comment made my day, I hope yours is just as bright. <3 blessings.


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