How a 40 Day Raw Vegan Fast Changed My Life

It started with Lent 2014. I’m not even Catholic, but Lent gave me a reason to heavily diet and hopefully lose a lot of weight. Not once did I think about fasting as a potentially profound spiritual experience or anything other than a “positive” excuse to eat much much less than I was in a “healthy” way. Not a very healthy mindset to start out with but hey.

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It was decided that the two things in my current diet  allowed during this venture were peanut butter and wheat thins (thanks to anemia). Other than that, it was strictly “Land-Food” which is anything and everything that grows from Earth. Mind you at this time I was addicted to McDonalds, Taco Bell and Bud Light. I had no clue what I was getting into.

The Manifestation

Fasting, Lent, Spiritual, Spirituality, Lent 2017

It didn’t take long before I started noticing changes in my body. Did you know, if you actually drink water you lose water retention inches? ha.. imagine that. Alongside the newly worn confidence I was able to tune into the individual impact of what I was eating for the first time. It opened up a whole new world of learning, one article lead to another article and soon I was connecting to food in a whole new way. Where it grows, how it grows, what vitamins it contains and how it impacted my body, how Earth impacted my body.

Eating mindfully grew curiosity about the mindful lifestyle, so as any girl  would do, I searched “meditation” on Pinterest and that opened a rabbit hole nobody would ever want to leave.

Fasting, Lent, Spiritual, Spirituality, Lent 2017

Fasting, Lent, Spiritual, Spirituality, Lent 2017

It was hard for me to find it just laid out on what to do cut and dry. I was looking for a step by step 1,2,3 of how to get this done. Well I understand now that doesn’t exist because it’s not just 1,2,3. Although Meditation For Beginners is a good place to start. Because of this it took me a while before the first practice actually happened because I didn’t want to do it wrong. Which I now understand can’t be done wrong.

When my first practice came, I had binaural beats ready, was home alone and ready to dive in. It felt like a solid 10 minutes when I wiggled my fingers and toes to wake up my body and it turned out to have been over 45  minutes. I was in shock, and also drunk-giddy. It was like being high on meditation; from then on I was hooked, and totally fine with this addiction.

Fasting, Lent, Spiritual, Spirituality, Lent 2017

Once my vessel was detoxed and I had found my new love for Land Food it seemed like everything just fell into place. I naturally wanted to continue to take care of my body and since my internal environment was happy, it was important for me to make my external environment happy. This took time but by the end of my fast I had entirely rid my life of toxic people, habits and energies.

I began waking up every morning conscious of my mind, body and soul along with plans for my self development and love. 1 day turned into 2 and here we are 3 years later and I’m now sharing my story and journey with you hoping to help you on your path. I am endlessly convinced that effortless holistic heath completely starts with physical health and detoxing your body 100%.

Fasting, Lent, Spiritual, Spirituality, Lent 2017

I’m not religious per say, but during the next 40 days we are going to encounter two very special full moons. 03/12/17 is the first Full Moon during this venture landing on Daylight Saving Time. 04/10/17 is the second Full Moon landing on Passover AND is exactly 40 days from today i.e… the end of my fast. Boom. I’m unsure the specific significance, yet, but I don’t believe in coincidences and this feels like a serendipitous and energized time so I’m definitely going to soak it up.

So what am I fasting?

Great question. I am already an organic based vegetarian, however, I do have a weak spot for processed “easy” meatless foods pizza & mac n’ cheeeeeese. Hey everything in moderation right? But I will be giving up all processed foods, drinking only water (smoothies don’t count as a drink) and will be challenging myself to 40 straight days of yoga. I plan to use this time as a period of introspection and am interested to see the current tuning I have on my body and how it will change and improve by the end of this venture.

Your Turn

Fasting, Lent, Spiritual, Spirituality

Like I said earlier I am convinced that effortless holistic heath completely starts with physical health and detoxing your body 100%. In just 40 days I transformed my foundation presence into an aware, health conscious and positive being to be built on endlessly. Earth heals in all forms, don’t rid your body of it’s natural state: health. I hope you use today as a day of reflection to pinpoint where you have room to grow as a person, then challenge yourself to take step towards growth over the next 40 days with me.

My biggest lesson through this experience is that when you take your attention and focus it inward, a new light is flipped on. Religion didn’t do that for me, raw earth-grown food, mindfulness and meditation did. There’s no spirituality like what’s found inside you, you just have to put your vessel in a position to see it.  Let me know what your 40 day fast/challenge is and/or how it worked for you in the comments below!


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