5 Ways to Start Living More Holistically

In a time where Earth’s health is declining, it’s our moral obligation to do what we can as humans to reduce harm to our environment where we can.

To me that fits right in with the definition of living holistically; aligning mind, body, soul and environment along with taking mental and social aspects into consideration rather than simply identifying symptoms of the disease.

It doesn’t take much to clean up your personal global footprint and live more holistically and this is a good place to start for those of us who are slightly resistant to change.

At the end of the day it’s all about being better and this means being better for yourself and the world around you. It’s never to late to be your day 1.

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Setting up paperless billing

Okay who still gets their bills in the mail? Put your hand down, Sharon. We’re embracing the year 2019 as the internet-driven time it is and setting up online bill-pay.

I’ll let you in on a little secret too, most companies offer incentives for having online billpay set up because it helps them save money on printing and shipping costs not to mention better their global footprint in the process.

By switching to 100% paperless billing  the average household saves 6.6 pounds of paper, avoids producing 171 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions, and saves .079 of a tree annually.

Challenge yourself to call your providers or login to their online site and get your paperless billing started by the next bill cycle.

Cancel Newspapers/advertising

Maybe it’s a millennial thing, maybe it’s a neo-hippie millennial thing, but I don’t, nor do any people I know, get a newspaper.

Aside from the bias in news and also being an East-Side Las Vegas resident, some things are better left unknown.

That aside, 40% of the world’s commercially cut timber is used for the production of paper! That’s a lot. While it’s hard to get away from using paper and plastic, we can try to cut down where we can so ask yourself, do I need the newspaper?

Cancel Unwanted or Old Tenant Magazines/offers

I know I’m not the only one that get’s magazines and store ads from people who lived in my apartment before me.

Taking the time to stop the advertising magazines, postcards etc. makes more of a difference than you’d think. And it’s simple. There’s usually a postcard you can send back with “Leave me alone” box or worst case there’s a phone number to call.

Take the time and do that, and your mail will be lighter and footprint greener

Use Natural Cleaners

The thought of spraying harsh chemicals to “clean” the surfaces I prepare my food or lay my toothbrush on literally makes me wince.

Not to mention those chemicals that get rinsed down the drain are extremely toxic to any ecosystem or stream they may find themselves in.

It’s really simple to make homemade cleaners, and a lot cheaper in the long run.

Here are a few simple DIY’s that are to simple not to try. Bet.

* hot water is only necessary to make the initial mix, after made do not keep in extreme temperatures and give bottle shake before using.

Use Natural Medicines/Remedies

When first stepping into a holistic transition I was definitely surprised how many dual-values the food, spices and herbs had that I already had in the kitchen.

Using Pharma drugs and chemicals to “re-balance” trauma in the body just sounds absurd. It never takes much more than a natural antibiotic to cure anything.

Here are a few starters for average ailments around the house:

Practice Self Love & Development

Have you ever heard the change starts with you? Or be the change? This is a very important concept.

How in the world are we supposed to impact the world with love, kindness, respect and understanding if these are feelings absent to oneself?

You have to connect with yourself as a being and love YOU and the place you hold on Earth before even considering starting somewhere else in bettering humanity.


This is the ultimate way to silence the voice in your head that brings spontaneous thoughts, feelings, negativity and fear into your life.

Wouldn’t it be  nice if when something happened in your life fear, worry and doubt didn’t exist? It’s possible.

If you are still new to meditation check out Meditation for beginners  then challenge yourself to meditate for only 10 minutes a day, every day, for 21 days.

You can commit to 10 minutes a day, that’s usually the time spent on your phone in the morning to wake up. Try replacing that with 10 minutes of silence and inner reflection and see how your day goes.


Practice Yoga, jump around, turn on some music and dance, hula-hoop, do Pilates, go to the gym do SOMETHING! Just get up and move. Keep your body happy and healthy by raising your heartbeat for a little bit everyday. Remember it’s about feeling good. Lookin’ good is just an added perk.

Be Creative

This one may be one of the most important. It’s so important to flex and express the best muscle our body has! The Brain!

Find an outlet that works for you and just let your free spirit guide you. There’s no wrong turn in art. That’s the beauty of it.

Write poetry or music, paint, draw, sculpt.. Create. We all have the power to create something, and there’s nothing more liberating than the completion of something awesome that you made.

Doesn’t matter if you’re good, just start.


As always, take a moment to think about your life and your impact. The impact on Earth, your neighbors and most importantly yourself. Is it good, or is it bad?

Be honest with yourself, ignorance is the root of all evil and everyone needs to check themselves at some point.

It’s never to late to start making brighter, more positive and greener decisions. At the end of the day we are all human fighting for the same survival as the next so just be the best you, you can be!

What are other good transitional holistic habits? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time.


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