About ♥

My name is Sady, the human behind Love Through Living, a blog and an ever evolving creative business. The mission behind my brand is to practice and inspire creative expression while living the mantra “Love Yourself, Earth & Others Through Living.”

Born in Mt. Shasta with a strong bloodline I have always been attracted to Earth. From collecting rocks with a wandering soul, to feeling most comfortable barefoot and an undeniable call to divination my roots are grounded in Earth guided spirituality. Once I was able to expand beyond my Christian upbringing I explored my calling to eastern practices and found peace and deep connection with mySelf..

I was guided into a vegetarian, holistic, mindful lifestyle which allowed me to drop a backpack full of self-harm, self-hate, unhealthy habits and relationships. As my third eye de-calcified I was pushed back into writing, one of my Earth plane gifts that was lost in darkness along with art, poetry and other creative expression, and I decided it was time to build a platform to share it.

To me loving myself, Earth and others begins with self love, mindful living and connecting with Mama Earth on a daily basis. I live and share exactly that through blog posts, videos, photos, clothes and other everyday stuff. Some of the articles here are “how-to” style, some are stories or glimpses of my life and some are just whats resonating around in my heart at the moment. 

As for the videos, they’re literally just of my life. I only know how to share authenticity. 

This path has not come without sacrifice, but the manifested abundance through this journey is undeniable.

However, overall as a human……… I was born in Mt. Shasta and grew up in a small town near the forest alongside the Rainbow tribe. I never match, I like the smell of Earth, I love my dirty bare feet and if I am too clean it’s definitely time to play outside. I don’t know the last time I brushed my hair, my heart is my favorite thing about me, I see light in every dark situation and I, just like you am made of stardust!

I get excited every single time I see Moon & will cut off any conversation to point her out to everyone around me. I’m meeting the little girl In me that I never met as a little girl. She’s pretty cool.

I have white-girl rhythm, but dance all the time, everywhere and have no fear of trying something new. I’m shyly not shy, if you know what I mean. All my nutrients comes from mostly plants and I am a spiritualist that harnesses the power of Universe, Source, One to manifest and cultivate my life.

I am a mother of many, but none are my own. My favorite thing to do is write, my favorite thing to do alone is sing, my favorite thing to do with people is laugh! And my world revolves around the three men in my life. My knight in shining armor, Nick and our two doggos, Shiner and Goliath.

I’ve climbed mountains and hiked forests barefoot. I actually do it all the time. The only way to cross me is to mess with my family. Which is basically everybody I hug 😋 so just be kind.

That’s me in a few words, but what are words anyway? 

Nice to meet you 🤗☀🌻