Dear Sisters,

(Blog transcription podcast [BLOGCAST] live Monday 2/11 at 9:00AM PST.) We are born into a world nurtured with patriarchy and greed, with inequality and ego. As the feminine divine incarnated our vessels cycle with Moon and Earth to create life and heartfelt perspective *intended to nurture the world, but instead used to create a culture […]

How To Begin Manifesting

Okay, manifestation! One of the most magical actions humans perform (consciously or unconsciously). Definitely top 5. It’s exciting that learning how to begin manifesting is becoming more and more of a hot topic. Every day more books and influencers are talking about the power of manifestation but it’s kind of a complicated practice. It’s actually […]

Pain vs. Disdain

These big beautiful brown eyes looked up at me like i had the cure to life like in that moment everything was alright my presence brought calm to his strife even for just a moment, trusting. Trusting that this stranger holds space for the love he’s yearning for while knowing nothing behind my happy face […]