How to Easily Change Your Vibe in 30 Ways

Look, in today’s world there’s always gonna be days that you just need to shake off the negativity, add some positivity and change your vibe. Your mood and vibe directly impact your spirit so it’s important to make sure your energy, peace and spirit is safe and calm. Here is a list of 30 mind, body and soul geared vibe-changers to get you started.

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1. Wake Up Early and Do You, Boo Boo
Look I’m not a morning person, so I understand the thought of “early” is cringe worthy. But, sleeping with the windows uncovered allowing Sun in first thing really helps to get out of bed earlier. I know the black out curtains and blankets over the windows must come down, but c’mon; everyone deserves stillness  each day and before the house wakes up is the best time.

2. Listen to Music While You Get Ready
Set the tone for your day! What mood do you want to put yourself in? Remember, the mood of your day is your CHOICE, so set it off right. Be loosey goosey and move with the rhythm, sing and let the energy flow from the music into your being. Enjoy getting ready rather than dreading the day to come once you’re dressed and outside world ready.

3. Sing in the Shower
Just like above it’s important to be loosey goosey! Let your inner child run free. Showering is YOUR time to prep for the day so enjoy it. Not only is it spiritual cleansing with Earth’s element water but also physical (duh) and mental if you allow it. Put on some music, dance and sing into the shampoo bottle because the real world will wait while you get your inner rockstar on.

4. Drink a Cup of Tea or Coffee in Sun
Take this outside and get some all natural Vitamin D from Sun while you nourish your vessel. Not bringing your phone adds an extra level of connectedness and consciousness to it by removing distractions while you mindfully enjoy herbs and sunshine.

5. Turn on Your Favorite Song and Dance
Moving your body is how to get your energy flowing. Have some fun! If you’re all by yourself or in a room full of people, if the timing is right and you want to shake some bad energy turn the music up as loud as you need and move.

6. Meditate
Meditation is the ultimate way to your center. If you’re still new to this check out Meditating for Beginners This is the number one way you’ll see to raise your vibration and it’s true. This is the way to train your mind to allow your soul to speak. By meditating even 10 minutes a day, you’ll notice more energy, attentiveness and a still calm throughout your days.

7. Practice Yoga
This is a mind, body and soul practice. Strengthen your mind by overcoming the mental barrier of physical pain, strengthen your soul with guided or conscious breathing and strengthen your body by performing strenuous asanas. Use this practice to raise your vibration on a holistic level.

8. Take a Lap Around the Yard Barefoot
Earthing is receiving the natural electrons in earth through the soles of your feet. Since we are all products of the same image {Which is the Universe} Earth’s energy is vital for our health. Get your toes a little dirty by walking in grass and the outdoor elements. Allow Earth to heal and awaken your inner child in the process.

9. Smile, Even If You Don’t Want Too

Smiling is directly related to endorphins, and endorphins make you happy. You can literally trick your mind into being happy by smiling. Take 5 conscious breaths with the greatest grin you can muster up and feel the cleanse afterwards.

10. Write in Your Journal
Talk to yourself. Make your feelings and thoughts tangible. Get out all the frustrations, questions, answers, silver linings – everything on your mind. Until there’s nothing more to write. That my friend, is called a soul dump. Soul dump all over the pages of your journal and rid your spirit of any negative toxins and lingering feelings.

11. Draw or Create Something
Creations come from your spirit, allow it to speak to you and create something from how you feel. You’re vibration is raised when you’re having fun or finding release. This is a way to do both. Don’t think that because you do woodwork or metalwork that this doesn’t apply to you. Make anything, get your gears grinding and allow your spirit to show you what’s in there.

12. Invest Your Time into a Hobby
What’s your hobby? If you don’t have a hobby what are you interested in? I like to think of palmistry and tarot as my hobbies, I also hula-hoop dance and create art. Anything you enjoy doing with your own two hands. Find something you actually want to invest your time in and let it feed your soul.

13. Get Lost in Nature
Decide to go on a drive and go until you can’t go anymore. Find a trail and follow it to it’s end, walk up a stream until you find it’s source, climb to the top of a mountain or hill and lay there for a while. Allow the solitude of nature to speak to your soul. Detatching yourself from the fast lane of society really allows your natural vibration to raise as you connect with yourself and your surroundings.

14. Go For a Walk Without Touching Your Phone
Without your phone being a key part. Our phones serve as one of the largest distractions out there. Allow yourself to clear your mind without your phone for a while, you’ll be forced to notice things differently and be more present. Stop and smell the flowers, literally.

15. Practice Meditative Cleaning and Clear the Space
Give yourself a task, and like a monk devote yourself uninterrupted and complete your task. Read learn to love cleaning your kitchen to get started with cleaning meditation. Physical clutter creates mental clutter so to clear your mind and raise your vibration start cleaning!

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16. Smudge
The most popular smudge is sage. Dried sage is a natural herb that clears all negative energy. It’s also know as a  blessing from Earth. Smudging is the act of burning a dried herb and wafting it around yourself and your house. To some it is an acquired smell, so be warned!

17. Diffuse Essential Oils
Aroma therapy hello! This practice is awesome because smelling these beautiful fragrances literally effect our bodies top to bottom. Inhaling essential oils stimulates the olfactory system {smell, nose and brain}.Once the aroma has penetrated your brain it tickles your Limbic system, which is linked to emotions, blood pressure, heart rate,breathing, stress, memory AND hormone balance. What’re you waiting for?

18. Cleanse Your Crystals
Some crystals should be cleansed in water, oil, Sun or Moon light so make sure you do your research before you set out to do any crystal cleaning. When you clean or cleanse your crystals you’re shaking all the dust off their power and energy which directly impacts you, the holder. Cleanse your crystals to cleanse your aura.

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19. Get Your Heart Rate Up
Do something that makes you breathe a little heavy. You decide what that is ? For real though anything that gets your heart rate up is detoxifying. Allow those toxins to flow straight out of you by letting energy flow in you.

20. Take 10 Deep Conscious Breaths
The beauty in this one is you can do it anywhere. You don’t have to walk away or close your eyes to bring you back to center. Simply take your focus to your breathing in the middle of whatever it is you’re doing and allow your life force to bring your vibration back to it’s peak.

21. Stop, Reflect and Find 3 Silver Linings
When things are going wrong, it’s easy to pile up the negatives. When you notice yourself doing that stop in your tracks and pick out 3 silver linings. 3 things that are positive within the pile of negativity. Even if they’re small! Small victories matter.

22. Say 10 Things You’re Thankful for outloud
Really as cheesy as it may seem, do it. There are some things your brain doesn’t process fully until it’s spoken out loud. Say your thanks to the sky and remind yourself why your life is so damn beautiful.

23. Wash Your Feet
Your feet are the gathering source of most the nerve endings in your body. There is something magical that happens when you sit wash, dry and lotion up your feet. Your largest bio magnetic sensors that directly transport Earth’s energy to you are your feet.  Cleansing them is both spiritual and physical.

24. Find Silent Solitude
Do something completely secluded and gather your thoughts. Allow all input from the outside world to subside and connect with who you are in complete solitude. No phone, no company. Just you, yourself and your spirit.

25. Get Dressed/Change Your Clothes
A change of pace or scenery always helps. The clothes on your body hold the static energy your vessel puts out. By changing your clothes after something has damaged your mood or vibe can give your brain and spirit that subtle cleanse to just move on.

26. Write Yourself a Letter 
Write a letter to yourself from a past or future perspective. Maybe you’ve got a choice that you regret, or you want to talk about something you should be aware of today, or to warn you what you think may happen should you continue down this path. Talk to yourself and let all your feelings out on the paper and listen to your spirit.

27. Complete a Project Laying Around
There’s something, SOMETHING, that needs to get done. Something you started and haven’t quite finished yet. Maybe it’s a chore around the house maybe it’s a creativity or building project. Put some time into it! Invest yourself in creating!

28. Make Amends
Make peace in your heart where need be. If it means to forgive or be forgiven make the effort for your own well being. Sometime’s it’s hard to make the first move when things were torn down by the other person, but only you are in control of your peace. So if you need things to be made right, then take the steps to make it happen.

29. Separate Yourself From Energy Suckers
We all know the energy suckers in our life. The person that physically changes the energy as they walk into the room. Separate yourself from beings that deflate the life from you. It’s tough when these people are family or in your realm of friends, but at some point it’s crucial to see and accept what you cannot change. Then to protect your own peace.

30. Light Candles
Candles carry spiritual and Earthly energy. Allow it to fill the space for cleansing and to lead your spirit guides. After the space has been cleared of any clutter, lighting candles puts the cherry on top of your peaceful space and adds that extra calming energy to any space.

Okay so there it is! 30 ways to change your vibe to a higher frequency. In order to be happy, you have to practice happiness. It’s all up to you! There are so many mood-changers and vibe-raisers out there and it’s really all about what YOU personally enjoy doing. What ways to you raise your vibration? Let me know in the comments!


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