Manifest While Day Dreaming | Staying Present When Thinking About The Future

If you are anything like me, you can day dream all day and night. It’s fun to escape into thoughts about what is, and what could be – but! the whole day dreaming thing isn’t very conducive for remaining present in the moment.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t want to miss any opportunities or make the wrong decision when it comes to setting myself up. I’m paranoid about saving money, I’m always thinking about a 3, 6, 12 month plan and am incredibly goal oriented.

And that would be great if it were easy to remain grounded in the now while letting my mind float off into scenarios and perspectives.

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How are we supposed to stay present while planning for the future?

I mean life happens when you’re busy making other plans, we all know this. But are we supposed to not plan at all while embracing the present moment? There has to be some sense of balance between the two. Lately I’ve really been working on this because I absolutely love to live inside my mind. I can sit and think all day long – but I tend to get so caught up in thinking that I lose sight of what I’m supposed to be doing right now.

Tell me I’m not the only one that will come up with a complete checklist/gameplan for scenarios in my head.. If I am you should try it! I’m connived it’s one of many super catalysts to most manifestation in my life. But at the same time there’s been many hours spent away from working on present tasks – balance? eh.

Relating all thoughts to the present moment

has really helped bring a sense of grounding to what I’m day dreaming about. How is what I’m thinking about relevant to my present life? Is what I’m doing in my present life helping or hindering me from living in alignment with this thought?

This, for me, brings a sense of ‘purpose’ to my day dreaming. Rather than getting lost in the clouds, I’m navigating the clouds to provide value to where I am right now. Maybe it’s a little self validation but hey if I can make day dreaming productive, what’s the problem there?

Now as I’m getting lost in the clouds I’m also figuring out how to make those dreams a reality with very real  practices and steps.

Day dreaming gets a bad wrap by people who don’t believe dreams can come true.

It’s true! To those who think that it’s wasted time thinking about aiming high, you are holding yourself back from experiencing your full potential. When you put boundaries and boxes around where you let your thoughts go, you block where your energy can flow – thoughts create reality, if you’re never sharing space with your dreams how are they every supposed to manifest?

Some things may seem far fetched or out of reach, but since when did that begin to mean impossible? We are told our whole lives by society what we need to do for success and it has nothing to do with coloring outside of the lines.

Color outside of the lines, think about where you want to be and bring it down to Earth by thinking about how you realistically and physically can get there.

Today’s thoughts are tomorrows manifestations

if, and only if you’re conscious about this. This is a huge perspective shift for me which is why I’m called to share. Instead of telling myself to “get to work” or “snap back into today, Sady” I’m telling myself to bring my thoughts and day dreams with me into the present moment.

Manifestation comes by bringing things into present tense, I AM statements, right? So bring those dreams right down into today with I AM statements, I AM HEALTHY, I AM FINANCIALLY ABUNDANT, I AM SURROUNDED BY PEOPLE WHO LOVE ME AND MY WORK. Whatever it is.

THEN think about how your daily routine helps or hinders those I AM statements. Adjust the actions that hinder you and put all your energy into the actions that do!

Begin breathing life into the goals, dreams and aspirations that you have. Whether it’s self-growth perspective shifts, career or life oriented it is valid, and deserves your attention. By putting action into day dreams you give them life that transitions from dreams to realities and from nonsense thought reels into manifestable goals/milestones.

I love perspective shifts

by taking something I used to constantly get in trouble for and turning it into something that can be beneficial for me I’ve completely leveled up my manifestation practices.

I encourage you to always be thinking about ways to make the things you love in your life work for you; instead of being ignored, turned into a neglected hobby or forgotten about because it seems unreasonable – work it into your routine..

Quality of life IS life, and with little adjustments you can make everything you love fall in alignment with your life, it just takes a little bit of conscious thought and the will to make it work.

And, once you do, the feeling of “leveling up” will be more worth it than you realize right now.

SO, I hope you’ve enjoyed this tidbit that I’ve pulled out of my weekly wrap-up to share with you. This is the style blog post I will be sharing moving forward, simple stories/lessons I gather throughout my week. If you liked it let me know in the comments!

If you relate or have other ways to bring day-dreaming/future-planning down to the present moment please share in the comments! I’d love to hear other perspectives and grow with you.

Until next time, friends ♥



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