Dear Sisters,


We are born into a world nurtured with patriarchy and greed, with inequality and ego.

As the feminine divine incarnated our vessels cycle with Moon and Earth to create life and heartfelt perspective *intended to nurture the world, but instead used to create a culture of weakness.

Your mind, heart, soul, body and existence are thoughtfully intertwined with stardust, ocean water, the freshest breeze and everything else magical on our planet.

Each and every cell of your body is created and re-created with the loving intention of delicate creation and coexistence.

The light of your consciousness once shined so bright, through un-choreographed dances everywhere you went, through fearlessly explaining your day-dreams and fantasies to everyone who listen. Through introducing yourself with your age and phone number because you were proud to share you knew it.

Yet it dimmed every time you’re told to color within the lines with the “real” color of the animals, to get a grip on your emotions, to think logically, that the boy kicking you at lunch really means he “likes” you..

It continued to dim every time you’re asked when are you gonna get married? Or if you have plans on having children every birthday after 21. Or when are you gonna settle down with a good man?

And your light burns out when you realize that coloring within the lines with “real” colors means that you can play the game but only by the rules laid out before you and against you. That your options are to get a grip on your emotions or ruin your credibility. That thinking logically means thinking like a man and if he’s kicking you, you better remember your place.

With that said. Take a breath.

There have been centuries and centuries of evolution and programming to make this sense of oppression okay.

And because of this, a newfound desire to oppress the men/patriarchy with an extreme pendulum swing is also not okay.

What we need together, is balance. Is respect for one another, clear boundaries and coexistence.

Do not allow your flame to be blown out as if those things are what define the life you are put here for. As if you are meant to live so far from the beautiful, natural, empowered and bold path that you continue breathing for, even if you’ve been blinded from it.

We live, today, in a moment where women all over the world are finding their voice and screaming their boundaries.

Completely redefining expectations of what is and isn’t respectable and opening dialogue our ancestors had to bite their tongues on for generations.

It is our divine calling and absolute responsibility to use our vessel, our ancestral DNA and knowledge, our peaceful resolve and hearts to begin healing a very sick “norm”.

From the inside out.

By re-drawing the missing pieces of your own inner puzzle and healing what within you is keeping your back so hunched down over time.

With healing and PRACTICE you’ll be able to stand tall. Look people in the eye. Use your voice and be a leader for everyone who comes in contact with you.

Practice of self love, practice of speaking your truth in the moment of any injustice you see or feel, practice of verbalizing and being accountable for your boundaries, practice of standing tall in confidence to show the young ones, and old ones how to hold yourself with strength and grace alike.

In order to heal the culture we live in, we have to heal ourselves.

Step into your light. Step into your power as the feminine divine. Your body, your mind, your heart and your soul are made to withstand the strongest winds while protecting the weakest of vessels.

You can do this. And if for even a moment you ever feel like you can’t. There is a community of women behind you at all times ready to lift you up. Just trust.

If you’re feeling low, down, defeated, unworthy or any of the feelings outlined in this post, always know you can reach out to me.

Don’t forget to put your light on.. Until next time,


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Dear Sister, Heal the patriarchy. Inner child. As a little girl. Self love. Self growth.

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