How I (don’t) Manage My Time Well (but really try).

Good ol’ time management. I mean I feel like any human being, adult or otherwise has struggled with time management at some point in their life. Unfortunately our days are only made up of 24 hours and we have to use at LEAST like 6 of them to sleep.. Drag.

Trying to balance what I want to do vs. what I should be doing can be really hard, especially when all my business revolves around creativity.

Creativity and structure just don’t flow well together for me, however I need to figure out how to structure it all in order to find balance between getting what I need done – done – and doing what makes me happy in the present moment.

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They are my holy grail. I have a different journal/notebook for just about everything, which is great as long as I make sure everything pertaining to that notebook or topic is written in the same place every time!

First and foremost I come up with 1-3 things that I can fit into my morning under the self love category to set the tone for my day for ex: Meditate for 5-10 mins, drink a mug of tea and deep clean your face. But don’t kick yourself if you’re only able to think of or fit one activity into your schedule.

Then after you write OBTAINABLE goals for self love.. Write out all the chores you want to knock out before your day starts. For example: Make the bed, unload dishes from last night, quick-10-minute-pickup around the house.

Whatever it is that will make you feel relaxed when you get home from your day.

THEN put down your worst or least-exciting task(s) of the day FIRST and knock it out before all the other small to-dos.

Then finally to wrap up your day, write down some things to wind down for a good self-love night time routine. Like: shower, read for 45 mins, turn tv off at X time and go to bed by X time.

By having the things I need to do throughout the day, including self care practices, on a piece of paper I can physically hold, reference and cross off of I am 9/10 times more likely to do these things.

At the very least acknowledge them, which keeps most things from slipping through the cracks.

Don’t be afraid to say no, or to take time for yourself

This is for self love and time management sakes. It’s impossible to manage your time when you’re committed to to-many things that require your attention.

If you are already overwhelmed with the things on your plate don’t feel guilty for even a second for expressing you don’t have the time to take on anything else.

This naturally makes us feel like we’re letting someone down, or a disappointment. But at the end of the day, taking on too many things and causing yourself stress or lack-of-sleep to overextend yourself not only impacts your mental health, but the work you’re providing anyway.

If you can’t do it 100% don’t do it at all.

And when I say “overwhelmed with the things on your plate” this also includes the things you want/need to do for yourself, like go to the gym, cook a nice big healthy dinner or go to bed early for that meeting tomorrow.

Just because it is a task you’ve set aside for you doesn’t make it any less valuable, if anything it makes it MORE valuable. You know you can’t pour from an empty cup right?

Don’t overcommit yourself, and make clear boundaries for yourself as to what you’re capable of taking on within your day so that you have a productive but healthily productive day.

We’re not made to live and work in stress 25/8 and if that’s your life, I will always encourage your to re-evaluate and make healthy self-care boundaries. No amount of money or outside approval in the world will make you a whole, fulfilled, healthy and joyful person.

Don’t be to hard on yourself

There is something everyday, every single damn day, on my to-do list that gets pushed to the next day. And you know what? THAT’S OKAY!

It’s okay for things not to go according to plan all the time, what are plans anyway? Wishes ultimately lol.

Make sure to maintain enough discipline to take care of deadlines and due-dates but other than those things, allow yourself some flexibility. Know that a new day does come and when you’re feeling like that new day is gonna start off with some of yesterday’s to-do’s that’s totally fine! Just make sure you do them!

I struggle really hard not being to mean to myself sometimes when I feel like I wasn’t as productive as I wanted to be or I didn’t finish certain things. I hold myself to the same standard of work ethic I used to hold my agents to back in my career days, which sometimes can be a little harsh.

I’m constantly working on A. creating new routines that work in alignment within my current life and what I want. And B. reminding myself when I feel those things that the task will never go away, but my mental stability can if it’s not tended to every-single-day.

All in all I pretty much suck at time management.

I forget what day of the week it is more than I’m proud to admit, I haven’t set an alarm to wake up to in over a year at this point and it’s soooo easy to validate why THIS project is more important to be working on right now then THAT project, when it’s not always entirely true.

BUT. The important thing is, that I am aware of it. I am mindful of it. I do my best to make conscious decisions, and am as kind to myself as I can be during the learning process of it all.

I hope that my tips help you in some facet and if they did let me know in the comments! Also share any other awesome time management tips you might have.

Until next week ♥


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