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How To Change Your Life w Perspective

There’s one and only one freedom we have that can’t be taken away without our permission and that is freedom of thought.

You can always begin becoming one with your mind, your thoughts, your perspective and ultimately, your reality.

Once you learn and see first-hand how making your reality better with a perspective shift is possible, it becomes an absolutely addicting way to live your life.

It’s like finally, after how many days walking around this planet, you’ve figured it out.

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Step 1: Release all limiting beliefs and open your mind/heart

You have the power to let go of any thoughts that are holding you back.

Now this isn’t easy for everyone, hardly anyone for that matter, so don’t be hard on yourself or give up in the beginning.

This is a practice.

If you have goals you want to achieve but have this negative undertone to it like “I would love to be a hairstylist” “yeah but you don’t even know how to braid hair” that kind of thing – let that go so fast.

If you are lacking the skills or tools today, that does NOT mean that you’ll be lacking them tomorrow and/or the next day.

Shift your perspective from I CAN’T to I’M LEARNING

I’m learning how to braid hair. I’m learning how to release my limiting thoughts. I am learning how to take care of myself better with the resources I have.

Changing your present tense narrative from all limiting phrases, will drastically change the rate in which doors full of opportunity open for you along with the rate you begin moving toward and manifesting that thing you’re working towards.

Step 2: Always look for the silver lining, that’s where the gold is

Remember this always: the silver lining is golden.

It’s so so so easy to get sucked into the dark hole that is made by the terrible things that happen in our life.

Let me just tell you that once you’re in that dark hole it’s incredibly hard to pull yourself out of it. Falling into dark holes is like getting stuck in the middle of a snowball moving at 100mph down a huge hill.

You just end up deeper and deeper in the mess.

If you want to learn how to rise above a dark situation it starts and ends with the silver lining.

Of everything bad happening, what’s the one positive you can find? There is always one.

It might be the one thing that seems like the satirical “well at least we don’t have to go to yada yada now” or “even though you just made a huge stain on my white carpet, at least it was my least favorite beer in the fridge right now”

I mean whatever it is, find that silver lining. And even if you don’t verbalize it for anyone around you, jump on it and fly off into the sunset with it.

Because if you jump on a negative feeling/thought in an already negative situation you’re just double-negativ-ing yourself and that’s self harm, man.

Don’t do that. You got this.

Step 3: Break through any limiting situations

That job you absolutely hate. The degree you’re plugging away at that’s not serving you anymore. The living situation you’re desperately trying to better or get out of.

All of those things are apart of your reality IN THE WAY you want them to be apart of your reality.

The things that exist in your life can help or hinder to where you want to go. And that solely depends on your perspective.

If you have dreams of becoming an entrepreneur with the skills you’ve learned through your job to eventually be your own boss; stop going to that job feeling like “this is it, this is my life forever”.

Change that dialogue to “I am here because what I learn here is helping me develop my entrepreneurship”

And just like that, the job you hate just turned from a long-term dead-end to a stepping stone as a training platform for your next big thing.

You have the power to do this in every situation. If you’re unhappy where you are, define where you want to go and figure out how where you are right now is HELPING you get there.

Shift your perspective to “how is what I’m doing helping me get to where I want to be.”

How is going through this teaching me to be who I want to be?

How is dealing with this tribulation molding me to be better?

It’s not all about positive rainbows and sunshine.

Going through the motions of a perspective shift is mentally draining, to say the least.

It takes being open to unlearning the things that have molded your entire existence in the way they were taught or expressed.

It takes being able to get knocked down and looking at the ground to find a positive reason you were just brought to your knees, instead of falling victim to the action.

This is not default human tendencies.

It takes conscious thought and effort to re-wire yourSelf to work any differently, and the fact that you are still reading this blog post today shows that you are ready to take your life by the reigns.

Be proud of that. Know that you are taking steps to change your life through the means available to you with no additional tools necessary.

You got this.

This practice has taken me years to get to the point I’m at today and I’m thankful everyday for that one day back in 2014 when I decided to change my perspective before falling to victim.

It’s changed my life. And I hope it’ll change yours.

Until next time <3


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