I Don’t Care About Anything but in The Healthiest Way

I know the mantra “I don’t care” doesn’t seem productive or anything, but look – life is about perspective. If we look at things objectively, the world is pretty much shitty, every situation has a downfall, every group of people has an antagonist, every new beginning comes with hurdles yadda yadda ya.

Yeah life sucks, but if we viewed it like that, we would be hampering our own experience and why shit on our own parade?

So that’s my intro to the whole – if you have a positive spin/perspective on anything it can be manipulated into self growth/love –

Think about this with me

What is stress? Worry basically.

Stress is worrying about things turning out a certain way. Hellur why do we do this to ourselves?

It kind of goes back to the whole “Change the things you can and accept the things you cannot change” thing.

9/10 things in life the things we are stressing on are out of our control.

For example, that bill is coming up and you don’t have the money right now, but after a certain date you will and in the end it’s okay that it’s paid a little late because there’s a grace period..

So, why spend the next week(s) stressing over being late on a bill that you know will eventually get paid and all will be all fine in the end?

That’s a basic example but one I feel most adults struggle with at least once, we’ve all been there.

And that’s where my I DON’T CARE mantra comes in. I DON’T CARE that the bill will be late because at the end of the day I know my phone won’t be shut off while I wait for the money to come through.

Why give energy to something you literally cannot change?

This goes for everything though. We humans are sponges – whether you’re in tune with your empathy or not – we are constantly picking up and holding onto frequencies that don’t belong to us. Especially by the people/things we care about.

Who here has been stressed over a draft pick in the NFL, or felt worry for the success of someone else’s thing, or knew the steps to get someone out of a situation and stressed on the fact that person isn’t taking those steps?

It’s in those moments to back out and say, I don’t care.

And don’t interpret this wrong, I don’t mean “I don’t care” in the sense of resentment, or having ill-feelings toward it, or that there’s NO care for the matter –

BUT I don’t care enough about the stimulus outside of my being’s control to harvest any negative feelings or stress from it.

If you don’t care about having control over the outcome, you completely side-step the weight of things not going “right”.

When you get caught in the what if game, tell yourself “I don’t care”.

When you find yourself stressing over someone else’s situation, always offer the love you’re called to offer then remind yourself “I don’t care”.

I’m learning that it’s different to care enough to share space and offer your heart than it is to completely pick the weight up and put it onto your own shoulders to carry.

My life’s work is revolved around helping other people and being of service. In Happy Earth Market it’s to the artist/entrepreneur/healer community. With Love Through Living it’s the depressed/becoming a better person artist community. With Sisters All In One it’s the people who are a product of war/destruction.

And through all of my projects I’ve found myself in more holes than I can count. Holes that I created by not knowing the boundary between other people’s problems/stress/life and well, mine.

I’ve taken on so much worry that is foreign to my own vessel, spirit and life.

And it’s not to say that I don’t hold compassion and love for every person/situation I’m exposed to – but it is to say that there needs to be a healthy boundary created for my SELF that protects me from unnecessary stress.

We can’t pour from an empty cup, and we are constantly pouring from our own cup when we choose to allow our energy to feed into worry.

At the end of the day it’s a big trust game. Trusting in yourself and knowing that you are going to do everything you can, trusting in fate because things are going to work out whether it’s how you pictured or not – it always does and trusting that no matter what happens you are taken care of.

Put your cares into things that will thrive off of your energy, instead of drain your energy.

And release your cares from things that do not serve you.

Hold gentle space for those things in your life you can’t dismiss, but be sure to be holding space for yourself in the same breath so you aren’t getting sucked into a hole that doesn’t serve you.

Care about the right things for YOU, that is all.

This has been a fun shift of I don’t care lately, and I have loved sharing it with the people around me, because there are so many beautiful light workers and healers who have wrapped up their own power with caring to much about things that offer nothing more than worry.

I was, and still am one of those light workers and healers but am working toward regaining my power everyday.

And hopefully you are too.

Until next time, friend.


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