Surrender to The Flow | Find Peace In Losing Control

Easier said then done, typically. But once you find yourself in that space of pure acceptance, regardless of the next turn, you’ll find peace. 

“Peace-of-mind” is usually coupled with control and expectations. Having control of plans, work, finances, home-life and expecting everything in your life, people and events, to go a certain way. When your expectations don’t hit the mark and you begin feeling like you’re losing control this is when downward spirals happen and negative space moves in. 

Don’t allow room for negative space to move in. 

A big perspective shift for me when this began to happen was moving my focus on asking “why?” to asking “what?”. Instead of why is this still happening, it turned into what is this trying to teach me. 10/10 times if you learn the lesson within a troubling situation, the situation becomes less troubling. Whether that’s a perspective shift, making a physical day-to-day shift or just accepting the ebbs and flows of life without judgment. 

When you find your “what” to focus on, put your energy only into growing into the “what”. Throw on your tunnel vision glasses to all the turmoil around you and focus on the lesson, grow through what you’re going through, in peace. Don’t fight the waves or allow them to topple over you bottoming you out. Float with the current and know that whatever is presenting itself to you is through divine appointment and is solely happening to prepare you for events to come in your future. f o c u s on the l e s s o n. 

Try To Live Your Life Without Control

I’m not saying lack self control, I’m saying leave behind trying to control things into your expectation. 

I had a great reminder of this over the weekend on the dry lake bed at the Full Moon drum circle. Usually Nick and I go together with friends and our own car, this time Nick was sick and I went with friends but didn’t drive our car out to the playa so when 3am rolled around and I started wanting my bed, I could not have my bed. 

I had to surrender to the moment and take a cat-nap under the moon and stars (poor me ;D) which was amazing! And because I gave in to the moment and decided not to get frustrated or cranky because I was ready to go home, I realized I had the opportunity to do one of my favorite things – sleep under the empty sky. Something I wouldn’t have done had I had the control to drive home in that moment.. 

Then, when I got home our room was warm as it is first thing in the morning with our enormous East facing window, and it didn’t even bother me. I was happy with the conditions that I was blessed to be given and slept like a freaking baby when literally any other morning before that I would have thrown an internal fit because I hate, h a t e, h8 sleeping hot. 

There’s so much in my life this has applied to lately. With Sisters All In One and our project War Healing, with Happy Earth Market and even Love Through Living. My own expectations have caused me so much slow suffering when really at the beginning AND end of the day, I have no control of how anything goes in the first place. So who was I fooling?

Our project War Healing trip has been pushed back 2 times over 3 months, Happy Earth Market is ever evolving far from anything we talked about at the beginning from SOP’s to the sole energy in the shop and everything else this year has seemed to be one thing after another after another – but, it’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. 

I’ve collected lessons like mana and gained a perspective on peace I hadn’t encountered before. Hopefully I’ve done an okay job at sharing it with you today. 

It’s not easy to let go, but once you do you’ll never want to hold on again. 



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