2 Minute Read Meditation for Stress at Work

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This is a written meditation designed to allow you to take a mental break absolutely anywhere without bringing attention to your practice. Simply get lost in the words as your read, forget your surroundings for the next 2 minutes and find some head space.

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De-stress from work

To begin, feel your body start to relax. Allow your neck to release it’s tension. Drop your shoulders from their tight position. Take a deep breath to the count of 5.






As you inhale feel each vertebrae in your back relax and fall into perfect, harmonious alignment.

Breathe into your belly, allowing it to rise and fall greatly with each inhale and exhale.

Each breath in is a white, pure ball of light that sticks to any inner toxins while each breath out is the dark remains of all stagnant energy inside of you.

As you read these words do not allow any other thought to take you over. Read and breathe.. Read and breathe.

Each time you find yourself lost in a trail of thoughts bring yourself right back to the breath; the white life force that keeps you on this planet.

Work is stressful, almost every job comes with a footnote of stress that’s hard to get away from. As you’re breathing this is your reminder that you are not your job.

Your job does not define you as a person. Work is a means to an end of putting food on the table and keeping a roof over your head.

Breathe and remember that when you clock out for the day. You no longer have to think, stress or worry about anything going on at the office.

You get to leave it all behind and forget about it until you walk in the next work day.

Take another deep breath to the count of five and release it to the count of five.

Repeat this. In for five, out for five.

Again. In for five, out for five.

Keep Breathing..

You are good at your job. You are valuable. What you do every day provides for you and your surroundings.

Remember that though it may feel as if you work for other people, you are really working for yourself.

You wake up and go to work to provide for yourself. Take pride in what you do and do not allow others to label whatever it is because you give 100% each day.

It’s human to feel some level of stress but it’s up to your perspective how it effects your reality. Do you want to embody your stress? No.

So breathe.

Release the need to fill the vision of other people’s perspective. You do not need approval.

You need to do your job, get in, get out and live your life!

As we wrap up, make sure to smile and be grateful for your surroundings. Stop drop and find three silver linings, because they’re in there.

You got this, go on and slay the rest of your day.

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