Pain vs. Disdain

These big beautiful brown eyes looked up at me like i had the cure to life
like in that moment
everything was alright
my presence
brought calm to his strife
even for just a moment, trusting.

Trusting that this stranger holds space for the love he’s yearning for
while knowing nothing behind my happy face
he grabbed my waist and hugged me,
with love from a brother
like the love you give from a son to a mother
and before i left he asked for another

that sweet sentient soul
waiting for the next punch to roll
and pull his existence from his hands

what if I told you that his first word was Run
or that he’s never seen a man without a gun
that his idea of fun is collecting shrapnel after the dust settles
just so he can breathe with the sun
or that he’s lived so many lives in one
yet he can’t count his age..
even though it takes one hand, only one.

all we have to run from is our first world problems
even though WE can solve them
sit and complain about what can’t be done
while living a life of someone who won a little privelage

Thanks America

for building the american dream
when really
we just lean on the countries,
oh wait deem the countries invaluable
that hold the resources we need.

home of the brave land of the free
home of the slaves and land of the greed
making us all think that we’re planting seeds
when it’s really just writing deeds
that hold no meaning

It’s mean..

Our society puts our privelege in a box and locks it
while pulling gluttony, greed and disdain out of our pocket
we compare our lives to others and mock it
your big beautiful eyes won’t even look into my eye socket.

Do you see me?

Do you see you?

Do you see what your privelage makes you do?

Our main fuss is when our favorite teams lose
or when someone opposes your view on the news
When you can’t find the right tools to use at the store you blow a fuse
and refuse to see what it’s doing to you

you refuse to keep the light on inside of you.

for what?..

go to college get your degree
never leave your box and see the countries struggling across the sea

keep on, keepin on.

we create the chips on our shoulders,
and they grow bigger as we get older
no, you can’t cry on my shoulder
I have what’s called a *cold* shoulder
and my pain surpasses your pain so this disdain is justified
keep your composure
I don’t care to see your exposure.

the beauty of life is in the beholder

you can choose to see strife
or pull it out of you like a knife..

and use it to cut it out of others

Or you can use it to cut others til their blue
because of your selfish point of view.

Pack up your bags from this space and move, there’s so much good in the world you can do.

There’s so much good in the world..

You’re life is a blessing
we are constantly progressing
so stop expressing
your disdain from your past.

the past IS the past, this day might be your last
and at the end of this day I hope you realize

all I want to see your Big Beautiful Brown eyes.

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