Peace Work Photos

Peace Work Photos

I started documenting my activism/humanitarianism in 2018 so here are the events so far. Please feel free to share any images with love that resonate with you ♥ 

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Work w the Migrant Caravan in Tijuana, MX.

A project put together to bring as much aid to the migrant caravan as possible while waiting for their rights to asylum to be respected. We distributed hygiene products, clothing, socks/underwear, diapers/wipes, water, electrolytes and first aid attention. 

Project War Healing 2018

A refugee project lasting a month taking place in Lesvos, Greece working alongside Moria Refugee Camp with refugee’s from all over the Middle East. We taught the children a humble Math and English class along with facilitating socials for the children to play and interact with others. Many photo’s we captured aren’t able to be shared online to preserve the safety of these people who are running from war and oppression. If you’d like to see the other content collected catch a presentation by Sisters All In One! Here you will be able to get an idea of the conditions these people are forced to live in and have an understanding to why they are in such dire need of assistance. 

Sacred Peace Walk 2018

A near 70 mile pilgrimage from the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas Nevada, walking until Indian Springs, while stopping to protest Creech Air Force Base, then pressing on to Mercury NV where the NNSS is held currently on Western Shoshone Land where the ritual arrest takes place.