2 Minute Read Meditation For Refocusing on Your Goals

For the next two minutes completely tune out all that is going on around you. Don’t pay attention to the tv in the background, or the people walking by. These two minutes are between you, and the words you’re reading right now.

Somehow it becomes really easy to become jaded in the everyday world. It’s easy to get eaten up by your job, housework etc. And as you do, your dreams, goals and aspirations easily get slid to the back burner. This is your reminder that it’s okay.

It’s okay that you’ve lost sight, because right now, you’re getting that back. You’re remembering all the steps to take in order to move toward this goal. You’re remembering how good it felt to breathe energy and light into a project that resonates with you.

24 hours a day sometimes doesn’t feel like enough time, but don’t allow that thought to discourage you. Determine how many hours a day you truly need to dedicate your time too in order to take one babystep a day. Is it one hour? Two?

You deserve that time. That YOU time, in order to find fulfillment in the life you’re leading. Tickle that part of your soul everyday that makes you giddy and happy inside.

Now think about where you can slide that time into your day. How can you shift your routine to include the most important part of your day? You.

Take a moment to breathe. A big deep belly breath. In through your nose, pushed all the way into your belly and out through your mouth.

Again. Breathe.

And again.

With each breath release any tension that is being held in your being. Breathe in white light of an inspiring and determined life, and breathe out any dark energy that has been living in your heart.

The real world can be a jaded place when you get wrapped up in a day-to-day routine that doesn’t resonate with your being.

Don’t forget that while you gotta do what you gotta do, you DON’T have to neglect the things that bring you joy.

Start today, right now! And really think about what it is that you need to do.. You know what it is. It’s the first thing that popped into your head as your read the title of this article and is the reason why you’re still reading it right now.

You have all the power in the world inside you. Inside you is a beautiful place of opportunity, potential, love and inspiration. Don’t be afraid to tap into you. You’re the coolest You out there!

Wrap up this read meditation with another 3 big belly breaths.

1 breath in – 1 breath out

2 breath in –  2 breath out

3 breath in – 3 breath out.

Get inspired and get moving. We are all dying to see what you have in store.



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