Sisters All In One


| שָׁלוֹם | peace| سلام |

Sisters All In One is a newly founded collective based in Las Vegas, NV. This is a platform built for humans to band together bringing love, unity, healing and change. The mission of this collective is to inspire not just women but all humans of all religions, ethnicities and nationalities to do one sole purpose, love each other. 

We the founders, Tami Yaron, Rihab Sobh and Sady Lindberg, believe that all the sanctions that separate human beings are self placed and can be broken down with love, compassion and empathy. We came together on the refugee crisis and created project War Healing to bring aid to Syrian and Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon and Greece, realizing that our strength as women is to bring education, medical attention and love. Through the planning phases of the project we realized that we are a trio consisting of a Muslim, Jew and Christian and couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that we *shouldn’t* be working together, especially on social issues; and that because of these stigmas there is a lack of collaboration and action when it comes to important humanitarian issues. Thus the birth of Sisters All In One. 

As women we are nurturers and it is our job to bring mindful empathetic education to our future generations about important issues. The best way to do this is through example, so we are determined to continue creating projects that tackle social injustice and repression to help create dialogue and get others involved in social change. 

Through our projects we will be broadcasting blogs, vlogs, photography and interviews to take these worldly issues right into everyone’s living room. We want to share the side of the story that doesn’t get published to create dialogue around the humanitarian side of things. 

Follow our missions on instagram @SistersAllinOne and stay tuned for more as we gain non-profit status and lift this collective off the ground.