How to Stay Positive When You’re Pissed at the World

In the name of Friends, we all have those days those weeks those months, even those years. I don’t know about you but when I reach level pissed it’s tough to stay positive. And let me tell you, when it rains it pours. No matter how much you do yoga, meditate and deep breath you’ve still got a fuse in there. Here’s a few ways to help once it’s reached its end.

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Go Outside

Step out of the zone you’re in and breath some air. Take what you’re doing outside and get a change of scenery. Sometimes just removing yourself from the room you’re in can help step away from the negative energy. Allow yourself to take 10 good breaths, actually 10, and pick up where you left off. Tree therapy is a very real thing, really, read about it here. Just try it. Change of scenery, environment and head space.

Allow Yourself to Re-evaluate

You can only force so much in your life for so long. It’s hard to know when to stop some things because they seem necessary but really, when’s the last time you sat down, prioritized and thought about your options? You are free to change the things you can change, so think about it.

What changes can you make to take stress out of your day? If you’re fed up with work and you wake up pissed everyday, change positions, departments or professions. If you have to much on your plate, be your own advocate and say no. You only owe yourself.

Be Spontaneous

You have to make the best of a shitty situation. Sometimes when things are falling apart it’s easier to pick up and go in a completely different direction. Shift your perspective to see what can be made from the mess and make it exciting. Do something crazy because guess what? Things are crazy anyway, might as well make it fun. Find a way to capitalize on the downfalls in your life. No matter what things are changing, change them to a way that’s favorable for you! That’s how to survive the ebb and flow of Universe’s plan, find the gifts hidden behind every turn and corner.

Do Something Different

Put some change into your day. Instead of doing what you normally do first thing when you get home read a little, clean, take a shower, something, anything different. I find that my emotions remain stagnant when I fall into a mundane daily routine. Maybe go out and have a cup of tea alone or take a walk or hike to clear your mind. Remove yourself from your normal day-to-day and find some headspace.

Take Things to Paper

I am a journal-freak. I absolutely love writing things down because looking at my thoughts help me continue building. Sometimes brain dumping and physically seeing it all in front of you helps to see what’s been there all along. Here’s my favorite exercise:

1. Write down what you have in life
2. Write down what brings joy to your life
3. Predict three “worst scenarios” and write down alternate solutions for all
4. Expand on goals within each scenario

Now you’ve got a bunch of stuff in front of you: what you currently have in your life, what brings you joy, plan A, B and C and potential goals within each scenario. Now what is there to stress about? Relax and let fate take it’s course. Be thankful for what you have and prepared for anything that may get thrown your way.

Embrace Your Lows

With struggle comes growth. I find the most frustration breeds within trying too hard to “be okay” and remain strong on the outside. It’s tough with a fine line between keeping composer and shelfing your emotion regardless you have to embrace the lows as much as the highs. Waves in the ocean are absolutely nothing without it’s lows and crashes; and what would we do without waves? Embrace the beauty of struggling and use it as a reminder and time to be grateful for everything you do have going your way. It can be easy to forget and there’s always something positive in your life, even if it is the breath in your lungs.

Optimism is a happiness magnet

Staying positive is hard when it feels like you against the world. Here's how to stay positive when you're pissed at the world

Look, it’s tough to stay positive when it feels like everything has been ripped out from under your feet, but ultimately it’s a choice. You can magnify the negatives that will inevitably be there, or simply choose to see through them. Being positive brings light to a situation where there was once darkness, and that alone is powerful.

I hope these points are helpful to you because Earth knows I have had to practice many of them myself these past two weeks and I’m still smiling positive as ever. What do you do to stay positive? Please let me know in the comments, we can never practice too many methods!

Sady Lindberg

I live a yogi lifestyle of being mindful and conscious everyday aligning mind, body and soul. My goal is to inspire even one person to be a kinder, better, more-fulfilled, love-centered and Earth conscious human. Namaste.

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