Re-defining “Work” as an Artist/Entrepreneur

Living the “life of an artist” is not an easy path to take. Though it might seem easy from the outside when my life is seen as having no bills, no “real-life” commitments and therefore no responsibility.

That’s obviously not truth, but I can see how it could look that way.

I’m an entrepreneur with my hands in many different pots. I have more projects than I can count on one hand going on at all times, I am forced to grow every single day or get left behind and it comes with SO. MUCH. WORK. For very little, if any, payout.


That word packs a punch. Because it’s the opposite of play. It’s work. It’s not fun. It’s heavy, time-consuming, sometime’s seemingly pointless work.

And when it’s looked at like that, it’s so damn hard to get in front of it.

But do you ever notice how when we are working on something fun, or positive it’s called a project?

At least for me, I’ve noticed that I subconsciously file things into my mind as work or projects. When really they’re the same thing.

Reality check, Sady:

You’ve chosen this path of an entrepreneur. The no-guaranteed-paycheck life that comes with a whole-lotta hustle. So if you’re doing any “work” it’s work that YOU’VE TAKEN ON YOURSELF.

Like I don’t have a boss saying hey Sady, get this done by this day. I set my own deadlines and I decline or accept the things that pass over my desk, so when I’m inundated in “work” it’s my own fault.

I’m beginning to wrap my mind around this concept as I began finding myself more and more jaded within my own chosen field. How human is that? lol

Like ugh, I want to throw this event. But man there’s so much work involved, so much time, and money and effort UGH!

Well damn girl don’t throw the event – OR – instead, positively choose make your brand grow by turning it into a project you’re excited about. Or again, don’t grow.

We are our own worst enemies, and by we I mean that voice in our head that reminds us of all the things that are still on the check-list – all those tiny mundane tasks that keep everything rolling but overtime feel so heavy to carry.

Yes they exist, foundational tasks will always exist within the cement floor we are building our future on, but the important thing to remember is this:

As an human, the things, work, people, projects, businesses, collectives, EVERYTHING in your life, are in your life because you chose them to be.

Sometimes it feels like things grow too big to be out of your control, like it is the way it is now so I just have to keep trucking through it unhappy, overworked and miserable.

But that’s just not the case.

There are ALWAYS more boundaries to be put in place. The word “no” is a magical one, if you didn’t know. And you are 100% in charge of committing yourself, so if it’s something that doesn’t excite you, bring you value (through giving and/or receiving) then politely decline.

You are not obligated.

I am not obligated.

We are not obligated.

You’re the creator of your own business, work, life – and it’s important to never forget that we can recreate, rebuild, rebrand, re-tweak, re-all-the-things to make what you’re doing and working on align with you more fluidly.

I have been working on this re-wiring for close to six months now, as I noticed myself and the people around me become negative holes of too-much-work.

Projects and fun face-lifts became mundane, planning events and gatherings was too out of reach because of time, money, energy etc. and it completely disconnected me from wanting to contribute because if I didn’t have a “no” point to offer, the people around me did.

I still feel that way in some cases.


To this post, I say:

Start those projects, realign your perspective to meet the task at hand with enthusiasm. See the greatness that can/will come out of it, whether it works out the way you hope or it becomes a learning experience.

Trust that money isn’t a problem. Because it isn’t until we put stress-focus on it and make it a problem (thanks law of attraction).

Get involved in things YOU want to do/help with, and don’t let non-participation turn you off because it’s something you personally are finding light in working on. Let yourSELF be the light.

When you find yourself falling into the too-much-work trap, really take a moment to step out of what you are feeling and re-look at everything as a new project you are taking on.

What is this project? What will it achieve in the short and long term. In the end, what will you have created? How can you *creatively contribute and make your *creative vision come to life? How can you turn what you are working on into art and make that art come to life? Everything is art after all.

By re-igniting this creative fire it has taken the pressure off of my “work”. I stopped breathing energy into other people’s things who aren’t reciprocating the same creative energy.

I don’t take on tasks that I don’t feel like I would be able to give 100% on so I’m not overstretched or hindering the people I’m working with.

And I don’t let my inner voice turn my self-chosen work, into the career-style-over-worked work that I worked for years to ween myself off of.

Artists, creators, entrepreneurs, regular-job-havers and everything in between I want to end by sharing this:

You are in charge of your perspective. Some people work 14 hours in their farm/garden and don’t feel like they’ve worked a minute, others could do the same thing and feel like they got hit by a bus full of way-too-much-stuff-to-do.

And no matter where you are in your life right now, you can start taking steps toward a better future RIGHT NOW. Cliche, I know, but seriously.

You are not stuck.

The things you are working on AREN’T things you have to be working on. I know sometimes it feels like we don’t have any options or are trapped by circumstances, but remember this. Nothing is permanent – however positive change for yourself doesn’t happen unless you make it.

I hope that some of these words were able to resonate with bits of your frequency. We are all perfectly capable, beautiful and creative beings. Sometimes we just have to remember to get out of our own way so we can do things a little more peacefully and stress-free.

Start that project.

Until next time, friend.


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