Who you are & what you do is valid.

It’s the most deflating thing to have someone burst your bubble, no pun intended. When you have the passion and drive to make something of yourself and someone, or people, don’t think it’s right or enough it can make you believe that it’s true.

This post is to remind you, and myself that it’s just *not true.

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It doesn’t matter what it is. From a practice that makes you feel good, to a belief that brings you comfort or a career that’s not “normal”, if it’s something that brings your life value – it matters. When others have opinions or expectations of you that involve doing something different, it is because they simply don’t understand.

I don’t mean understand in the sense of agreement, they don’t have to agree to understand, they need to simply be open enough to allow whatever you’re doing as a possibility for your growth. But that’s not the case for most. It’s common to have a view point or idea of a way that people should grow, and if someone behaves outside of that way it’s not the right direction. *Their right direction, or the best direction.

But what is right? Isn’t the end goal to live a peaceful life, with stability and limited stress? Maybe leave something positive behind when exiting this planet we barely get to blink on. Old school standards still linger around enough to fill the air with it’s odor of judgement and expectations, but is that “the way” in this era?

We don’t live in the same world as even 10 years ago. The number of environmental + peace activists is rising, veganism + minimalism are literally mainstream trends, children are learning how to unlock an iPhone before their first word and college stopped “opening all the doors” years ago. We live in a time of growing innovation, creative creation, consciousness and change.

And while that might be the truth, the box that existed in the 60’s and earlier is very much outdated but upheld. We are the ones slowly taking apart this box nail by nail, plank by plank but with every nail we remove they’re replacing right behind us.

This feels like an endless task, trying to break free of the constructs that no longer serve the current world we live in, however, in time those replacing the nails that keep this outdated box together will ween and eventually we will be left with those who are helping rebuild something new and more sustainable for the generations to come.

We can’t give up. If every person who felt tested, unworthy, unsuccessful, ashamed, put down or defeated gave up in the moment of the emotions that come with those feelings – we’d never win. Keep going, not to prove anything, but to continue breathing life into your purpose for the people who do understand and benefit from it, and for yourself.

This has been something I’ve been tested with recently in distant and close places and it’s difficult each time. The closer it is, the harder it hits. But. The magic that comes off my fingertips, tongue and footsteps is proof to me and all who *understand my path there is purpose in this direction.

It may not be glamorous but it is full of community, self love, loving thy neighbor and something far greater than myself. Which is what success means, to me.

Your purpose is valid, too. It’s necessary. It’s precious and it’s yours. Don’t let anyone take it from you, you beautiful terrestrial.


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