A Guide to Re-Tuning Your Self.

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Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

You’ve worked really hard to bring your self to this #woke state (lol) and as soon as you close off the possibility to there being opposition to the thought you’ve already “figured out” you’re slowly but surely sealing up your third eye and open mind.

Be Silent

Be silent and observe. Do this beyond your meditative practice, do this throughout your entire day and watch your impulses come and go without speaking them into existence. See your thoughts from your minds eye and ask yourself “why”. Why is that my default, why did that trigger me into this feeling, why did I want to say that outloud and most importantly how would it have contributed to and steered the conversation?

Challenge yourself to go into a period of reflection for a couple of days and evaluate your current state of Being. Are you still in alignment with what you preach? Peace, love, light, empathy, open heartedness and understanding? Or is it only a shade of those things.

Self improvement begins with self awareness. If you become unaware of Self, even unknowingly, you’ve began the disconnect process.

Make a Self Development Plan

This shouldn’t be hard to do, as you observe yourself with an open heart you will quickly learn the things in you that don’t resonate with your highest Self. These things will stick out like a sore thumb. Do you listen with intent to understand or to reply? Do you choose your words mindfully? Are you really acting from love or is it slightly ego-ruled?

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Whatever it is, bring awareness to it. Think about it constantly and add it to your mindful practice. During conversations and interactions continue to watch yourSelf and train the part of you that needs training in order to function in your highest form. Here are a few examples of things to put in your minds eye:

How often do you smile?
Are you really listening?
What words do you use to express yourself?
Are they kind or harsh?
How do you make people feel with your actions?
What is the impression you’re leaving when you walk away?

This is YOUR self development plan. You know You best.

After identifying your area of work, establish how you are going to incorporate improvement in your routine. Challenge yourself to say as little as possible and observe. Add an intention-meditation every morning to set your spirit to the right frequency.

For example my recent self-development plan includes a daily thankful journal to remind mySelf to act in appreciation and gratitude. A page full of “I’m thankful for…”. A reflection cup of tea, where I sip tea in silent thinking about all that I’ve just appreciated. And to remain as quiet as possible. Allow myself to watch my thoughts and intentions before I speak. I’ve recently noticed how sharp my words can be and the effect on people I love, and I’m working on it.

This is your development plan, allow your spirit to tell you what you need.

Love YourSelf and People Around You on the Way

Put aside all animosity. feel your frustrated feelings and then release all tension and negative energy. Your reality is molded by the fibers of your perspective and perception, so it’s vital to release any negative connotations that make you act from ego.

We are re-opening our mind and adjusting our views and actions toward the world so allow your days to begin with a clean slate. You’ll be surprised how much better your interactions with others are when there aren’t shadowed feelings and undertones layering the encounter, even if they are unspoken. Words lie, energy doesn’t.

Clear that energy with the people around you internally then begin your day of self development and improvement.

If you’re unable to let go of negative feelings or emotions toward someone, then consider making amends in whatever way you need. Or cutting them out completely. Think, feel, speak and surround yourself in light. And do the things necessary to do so.

And most important!

Don’t ever forget you’re never done learning, and you’ve never got 100% of the information. There’s a lesson to be learned in every moment. Don’t allow your ego to get in the way of Universe’s teachings.

Brother, Sister, we are all human. We will always slip up here and there, we will always get caught in defaults and ruts. We will also always have amazing days and amazing encounters with amazing people. Life is a yin yang and life’s purpose is to learn how to drive the line separating the two beautifully different colors.

Balance, empathy, understanding, listening, breathing.. being.

Tell me how You re-tune in the comments 🙂


  1. From what I have seen in myself and in others: once the flame has been ignited, it is impossible to extinguish. Meaning once one has seen the unity of all things, and has separated from ego (even if only temporarily), the higher self is always there. Even if ego is dominating, the self is always understood. That being said: it seems to be rather easy for ego to take control once again if mindfulness is not constantly practiced. You would think being enlightened being would be easy, but that initial “awakening” is only of a beautiful and quite difficult journey of self. Things that personally help me: breathing, art, exercise, meditation……basically any activity that allows me to completely and fully live in this moment right now without having to “think” about anything. I enjoyed the passage “Be Silent”. This can be a very beneficial practice. To simply observe conciseness rather being so involved in it can be quite enlightening, but also a bit scary at times haha. Thank you for taking the time to write this piece, well said as usual :). Enjoy today, for it only happens once.


    1. Thank you for your comment as always, I love hearing insight and other perspectives. Plus it makes me feel good to know my pieces are being read by someone who appreciates them.. Thank you <3 I like to think of consciousness as something that you notice in your peripherals - something you may not have seen but once you see it, you can't unsee it even if it gets a little blurry when you aren't paying attention, your mind knows it's there. A silly example but you get me XD
      Observing consciousness is the most fun and scary process of self development, I feel. A. because you don't know what you don't know. And B, Because getting to know my Self is the most enlightening thing I've done in this life... No pun intended 😉


  2. Hi,
    This is something I needed to read at this moment. Timing impeccable. I’m a bit humbled because I am old enough to be your mother, and yet you have more sense than I have had lately. Thanks. I am going to follow you on Pinterest, and will read your blog often. Donna


  3. Thank you for great article! I enjoyed your article! I tend to forget to relax and lose who I really am in this hectic life. But being quiet and listen to our soul is the most important things of all. Your article always remind me of what is important!


    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your experience <3 I'm thankful you found this blog and it's able to do what it was intended to do. Much love


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